Advanced Negotiation Skills Workshop

Practice makes perfect in negotiations as much as in any other aspect of business. This workshop offers an opportunity to improve your negotiation skills associated with both competitive and collaborative styles. You will focus on developing specific negotiating behaviours through exercises and individual feedback

Special Features

Before the workshop begins, you will profile a negotiation you are or have been involved in. During the course you will role-play part of that scenario, applying the concepts you have learned. Feedback on this and other exercises will include videotaping and replay.


Attending this workshop will enable you to:

  • objectively evaluate your negotiating effectiveness
  • review and enhance your preparation skills
  • plan negotiation behaviours as an element of strategy development
  • choose language to advance objectives
  • develop your repertoire of styles
  • maintain dialogue in the face of distractions and emotions
  • break through deadlocks with creativity
  • know when to walk away

Course Content

  • Planning and preparing for negotiations: charting interests, issues and forces at play, taking stock of your resources, setting goals
  • Choosing effective negotiating behaviours
  • Listening for accuracy and understanding
  • Effective advocacy: openings and proposals, persuasive language and framing, assertive vs. aggressive behaviours
  • Solving problems, stimulating creativity and reaching agreement
  • Making good negotiation choices

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