Communication Skills For Managers

This course is designed for managers who wish to enhance their careers and leadership impact by sharpening their communication expertise. In an engaging learning environment, you will deepen your understanding and abilities through practice, group discussions, feedback, self-reflection and activity-based development.


Attending this course will help you:

  • uncover and define your own communication style
  • increase your self-awareness and understand how your communication affects others
  • use communication as an extension of interpersonal skills and personal leadership choices
  • recognize what motivates others, and communicate to them according to their needs
  • communicate with understanding, empathy and compassion
  • anticipate and reduce conversational misunderstandings
  • inspire people by appealing to their emotions
  • respond to objections and defuse difficult circumstances

Course Content

  • The role of Emotional Intelligence in communication
  • Avoiding misperceptions and the self-fulfilling prophesies that negative prejudgments can create
  • Managing the impression you make on others
  • Increasing your awareness of and effectiveness in non-verbal communication
  • Coping with stressful conversations
  • The art of giving and receiving feedback
  • Listening to and beyond the message
  • Sticking to the core message
  • Understanding how hierarchy and power affect communication
  • Building trust and respect
  • Honouring individual differences

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