Digital Marketing

This workshop provides a road map for approaching web-based marketing. You will practice some key e-marketing conceptual tools, and come away with a preliminary action plan for integrating online marketing into your total marketing strategy.
Note: this course does not cover implementation specifics.

This course qualifies towards the following certificate(s):

  • Executive Development
  • Marketing Management

Special Features

This course features a special focus on social media and a hands-on "learn by doing" format.


Attending this course will help you:

  • recognize a greater range of e-marketing options, and create synergies between online and offline marketing
  • use social media tools as part of a fuller marketing program
  • adapt your website to improve the customer experience and company profitability
  • set meaningful and measurable objectives for your digital marketing program
  • explore initiatives that lead to stronger customer relationship development, improved conversion rates, higher repeat business and customer pass-along
  • develop online communities that involve customers in idea generation, thereby reducing costs while improving quality and satisfaction
  • identify micro-niches that can be profitably served online

Course Content

  • Auditing and benchmarking your website
  • Engaging your customers and making your website more user-friendly
  • Metrics: tracking visitor numbers and activities, assessing the quality of customer engagement
  • E-marketing toolkit: using web 2.0 for customer interactivity, identifying profitable micro markets, search strategies, online advertising, blogging, seeding content, mobile marketing
  • Social media: opportunities and challenges, engaging the online community, using specific tools for specific tasks
  • Designing a digital marketing program that spans the awareness, exploration and commitment stages of customer life

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