Labour and Employment Law for Managers

This course describes the law as it affects employment contracts, wrongful dismissal, employment standards, human rights and the Charter of Rights. It covers both British Columbia and federal jurisdictions, and outlines recent legislative developments. (The focus is on non-union employment but there will be some discussion of the union workplace.)

This course qualifies towards the following certificate(s):

  • Executive General Management
  • Executive Development
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management Excellence


In this course you will learn:

  • whether just cause exists for dismissal in a non-union workplace
  • appropriate notice periods for termination of employment
  • employer conduct that will result in punitive damages
  • legal requirements for enforceable restrictive covenants
  • types of express terms being used in individual employment contracts to protect organizations
  • critical issues to be considered in all areas of discrimination
  • the appropriate work standards requirements under the Canada Labour Code and BC Employment Standards Act

Course Content

  • Law of employment contracts
  • Restrictions on parties during employment, restrictive covenants after employment
  • Termination of the employment relationship
  • The legal process: who has jurisdiction, defending claims in different forums (courts, tribunals and arbitration), what is a class action?
  • Application of the Charter of Rights: power of the courts, protected freedoms
  • Human rights legislation
  • Discrimination in employment: pay equity, hiring practices, mandatory retirement, sexual harassment, duty to accommodate, employment equity
  • Work standards legislation: the BC Employment Standards Act and the Canada Labour Code, Part III

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