Marketing Communications

In today's world almost all communications are "marketing" communications. These messages work best when they are held together with a consistent strategy and style. This course will help you think about, create, manage and evaluate an effective marketing communications program that integrates multiple communication channels.

This course qualifies towards the following certificate(s):

  • Executive Development
  • Marketing Management


Attending this course will enable you to:

  • develop communication objectives based on a sound marketing strategy
  • think of your communication strategy as a "campaign" throughout all elements
  • recognize what makes each communication vehicle good for some purposes and less good for others
  • adapt your positioning to hit your segmentation and communication targets
  • clearly and consistently communicate the benefits of your brands
  • design an integrated campaign with desired effect
  • evaluate and enhance your campaign effectiveness

Course Content

  • Marketing communication fundamentals: components of a marketing communication program, positioning statements, developing segmentation and communication targets and aligning them with positioning
  • The brand wheel: pros and cons of different communication vehicles, using the conversation prism and other graphics
  • The creative brief: targeting and building a great brief, how to get good work out of the brief
  • Creating a campaign idea and drafting creative materials: planning, creating, developing and executing various types of advertising and marketing communication
  • Implementation: how to think about media planning, tracking communication effectiveness, making changes

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