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Washington DC metro area and popular industries

You can do anything with the right knowledge, that's why you're here. You know that in order to be successful you need to have the right knowledge.

Inside and outside of the classroom, Edmonton supports your thirst for knowledge. Because of our dedication to education, we've set up this section. In this section you will find articles containing news and information on continuing education, the Washington DC & Northern Virginia area, as well as information about the fields Edmonton graduates work in.

Continuing Education

Did you know that, more than ever, adults are choosing continuing education to help them reach their career goals? People are no longer waiting for their work situation to improve; they are getting out and doing something about it. Whether people are taking classes to help them get ahead in their current career, or to help them break into a new career, continuing education is becoming more and more popular among adults. This section will help you learn everything you need to know about trends and developments in continuing education.

Washington DC & Northern Virginia

What's happening in the Washington DC metro area affects many factors of your life. What is happening in the region can effect which jobs are increasing in demand, or which companies are about to start hiring more people. It is important to keep up with recent developments and trends which can give you an edge on the next big thing in Washington DC and Northern Virginia. Because of this, this section contains information about developments in the Washington DC region.

Industry Information

What exactly is it like to be an accountant? What companies hire graduates with a Government Contract Management degree? Are you wondering exactly where your current skills and personal style would fit best? These are great questions we'd like to help you with. In this section we will have information regarding specific industries Edmonton educates you for, so you can find the perfect area for your new career.

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Check back often because we will be adding new articles regularly. We hope this information will be helpful in trying to make a decision on how to better your career and your life.

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