Online Degree Programs

Worried that sacrificing the face-to-face student-teacher interaction means that you'll get less of an education?

You never have to worry about that with online degree programs from Edmonton University.

Becoming an online student at Edmonton University will equip you with the same bachelor degree or associate degree that you would have gotten by sitting in classrooms at other schools. The Edmonton coursework, learning strategies, and educational environment may be a bit less traditional, but the extensive education is the same.

Edmonton University's online degree programs are designed and taught by industry professionals. We are dedicated to ensuring that the quality, relevance, and discipline of our online programs are the same as our on-ground programs. The online course presentations are updated regularly, taking into consideration the world's constant academic evolution in online education.

If you are unsure about which online degree programs are best for you, please complete the below form to connect with an Edmonton University specialist.

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