Power Writing for Business Leaders

This written communications course emphasizes the leadership skills of clarity and audience engagement through the written word. You will review and apply ways to craft well-organized messages that engage diverse readers and accomplish desired results.

Special Features

This course includes exercises designed to increase your self-awareness and proficiency as a writer.


Attending this course will enable you to:

  • view writing as an opportunity for leadership
  • learn the eight C's of effective business writing: courteous, clear, concise, compelling, current, comprehensive, cohesive and correct
  • use best practice principles to become more proficient and productive as a communicator of ideas
  • create reader-focused messages that are clear and compelling
  • express a natural, positive tone that is both confident and diplomatic
  • increase productivity when planning, organizing, writing, revising and editing
  • anticipate readers' needs, capture their interest, and inspire them to act on your messages

Course Content

  • Writing efficiently and effectively with power to actively engage readers
  • The eight C's of good writing and guidelines for achieving each
  • Understanding readers: the four reader types, appealing to each type through wording, organizing, structuring and formatting
  • Engaging readers: components of an effective reader-focused message, getting readers' attention, interest and commitment to action
  • Best practices in generating and organizing ideas, structuring the message and messaging in a clear and concise way
  • Conveying the message for maximum reader impact and action

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