Powerful Presentations

Public speaking exemplifies the essence of leadership: the power to connect with and influence others. In this workshop, you will reframe your thinking about what it means to be a powerful presenter. You will gain self-confidence, as you learn how to engage your audience with clarity, passion and purpose. You will also practice proven methods for preparing and delivering presentations that reflect who you are as a leader and communicator of ideas.

Special Features

In a supportive environment, you will give at least three presentations, two of which will be videotaped and evaluated by the course instructors.


Attending this course will enable you to:

  • connect with people by communicating with clarity, credibility and self-confidence
  • transform nervous tension into positive energy that puts you in control and keeps you there
  • organize your ideas and material for maximum impact
  • capitalize on your unique personal speaking style and eliminate negative habits
  • get people's attention, hold their interest, establish rapport and persuade them to do what you want them to do
  • develop a more effective, spontaneous and natural presentation style
  • navigate potential problems with style and grace

Course Content

  • Communication essentials: one-way vs. two-way communication, barriers to communication, story telling
  • Non-verbal communication: eye contact, gesture and facial expression, breathing and projecting, image management, conveying sincerity
  • Building confidence: overcoming fear, developing your own style, committing yourself to the presentation, using humour, responding to questions
  • Preparation, practice and delivery: identifying your objectives, using your preparation time effectively, using visuals, designing and scripting your presentation, pacing and closing
  • Engaging your audience: understanding and meeting audience needs, getting attention and interest, persuading and motivating

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