Resolving Conflict In The Workplace

In this course, you will gain valuable insights into the nature of workplace conflict. You'll learn how to avoid conflicts and resolve them in a fair and considerate manner. You will leave with an action plan for applying a conflict resolution process in your organization.
Note: The course does not cover legal, contractual or societal conflicts.

Special Features

You will develop personal and team conflict profiles, and design a plan for better managing conflict at both levels. You'll also apply conflict resolution practices to your own work situation.


Attending this course will enable you to:

  • understand how you respond to conflict, and adapt your style to particular situations
  • identify behaviours and language that provoke conflict
  • respond more effectively to emotions
  • develop collaborative and communication skills
  • make unexpressed conflicts explicit, so they can be treated
  • mobilize mediation techniques to help others resolve conflicts

Course Content

  • Sources and types of conflict
  • How you respond to conflict, aggressive, assertive and problem-solving responses
  • Framing and defining conflict, developing and managing an effective conflict resolution process
  • Communication: obstacles to communication, using collaborative language, listening, speaking assertively
  • Making conflict OK: avoiding reactance, learning from conflict, fostering its creative potential

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