Sales Leadership

Sales is not an isolated function within your company. Successful organizations integrate key components of sales, marketing and strategy to create a comprehensive, cohesive market presence.

This program helps corporate sales leaders design a sales infrastructure that links sales to corporate strategy and product marketing. It will take you beyond sales management, to give you a high-powered strategic perspective that can generate brand equity and growth for your organization.

This course qualifies towards the following certificate(s):

  • Sales Leadership
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Executive Development


Attending this course will enable you to:

  • maximize your return on sales efforts and take your company to the next level of success through a "whole picture" strategic perspective
  • use fact-based intelligence to measure past performance and guide business planning
  • build skills in competitor analysis, market research, segmentation, positioning and branding
  • strengthen your competencies in developing effective sales and marketing strategies
  • optimize your sales structure and sales force performance
  • lead team-based sales structures that deliver true value to customers
  • use best practices to successfully execute the sales strategy

Course Content

  • Corporate strategy: strategic management concepts and practices, analyzing organizational capabilities, identifying strategic opportunities and aligning them with organizational strengths
  • Business analytics: how high-performance companies use business analytics to drive success, assessing company processes with analytics
  • Strategic marketing: understanding your customers, crafting positioning strategies that provide market differentiation, leveraging your marketing mix
  • Aligning strategy and sales: integrating the sales strategy into corporate and marketing strategies, implementing effective sales planning processes at all levels
  • Creating a winning sales organization: optimal sales organization size, structure and deployment, creating a balanced sales team, improving your return on sales assets, performance appraisal/compensation plans, implementing value-creating sales structures

Special Features

This course includes hands-on exercises that are applicable to all types of sales environments: industrial or consumer industries, profit or non-profit companies, product or service providers.

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