Strategic Marketing Management

This course develops competencies in creating effective marketing strategies for your organization. You will deepen your understanding of the competitive environment, and build skills in market research, segmentation, positioning and branding.
Note: Case readings will be distributed before the program begins. To get the greatest benefit from the program, please read them carefully before coming to class.

This course qualifies towards the following certificate(s):

  • Sales Leadership
  • Strategic Innovation
  • Executive Development
  • Marketing Management


Attending this course will enable you to:

  • analyze your organization and the forces that will influence its competitive future
  • better understand your customers and what motivates them to buy
  • identify customer segments and refine market selection
  • create positioning strategies that provide differentiation
  • identify and develop brand value propositions
  • improve brand sustainability
  • deepen customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • build competitive advantage through strategic marketing planning and effective use of the marketing mix

Course Content

  • Marketing essentials: the marketing environment, SWOT analysis, market research, the 4 P's
  • Understanding consumers: social/psychological issues, stages of the buying decision, influencing buyer behaviour, the customer-focused organization
  • Positioning and differentiating the market offering
  • Market evolution
  • Segmenting consumer and business markets, effective market targeting
  • Building powerful brands, brand communication and brand equity
  • Strategic marketing: leveraging the 4 P's, new strategic approaches, putting it all together

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