Technical Requirements

  1. You must have one of the following browers installed on your computer:
    • Internet Explorer 7 or higher
    • Firefox 2 or higher
  2. My browser is configured with:
    • Pop-ups enabled
    • JavaScript enabled
    • AJAX enabled
  3. I am running one of the following operating systems:
    • Windows 11
    • Windows 10
    • Macintosh OS X
  4. The amount of RAM installed in my computer meets or exceeds my operating system requirements.

  5. My Java Runtime Environment is 1.4 or higher.

  6. I am able to view flash-enabled websites, Windows Media content, Quicktime movies, and PDF documents.

  7. I have Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint installed (2003 or higher).

  8. My computer is connected to the Internet.

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